Picacho Coffee Roasters

We’re proud to release Picacho Coffee’s story shot entirely on RED.

Learn about the business , the story, and a little bit of coffee.

Matteo's Mexican Food

Matteo’s Mexican Food went from door to door selling, to food truck, to future franchise.

Palamora is proud to be part of the creative process.


Palamora's First Wedding Film of The Year

One of the biggest obstacles of 2018 was delivering films at a faster rate. This year we aim to deliver wedding films in 7 business days versus 30-40 days just a month ago.

Enjoy the first Palamora Wedding Film of the year 2019!

Clues to Khalid's Upcoming Album

On this episode of #TheScoopSouthwest we showcase El Paso's very own Platinum R&B artist Khalid. We touch base on his latest works within the year and we raise some questions for his next album. For more news & updates find Palamora TV


How To Shoot Fast Portraits [Wedding Tutorial]

It's no secret Palamora has it's hands on multiple projects but none more passionate than weddings. We're sharing 5 tips to not only stay on top of it but also done fast and well.

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Calor Perfecto

The heat is on! Catch the latest release below.

Bok Nero - A Conversation

Bok Nero shares a few words on hustle mentality & work ethic on Steve Aoki's Kolony Tour. 

Conversation by: Ziggy Lovah

Ziggy Lovah's Listening Party

DayToDay Season 5 Is Finally Here

It's been a long time since our last DayToDay episode! Season 5 will have more personality & skits within each episode! Stay Tuned, new episodes every 1st of the month!

Is Wave Chapelle The Next Wave? | The Scoop NYC

Palamora is proud to introduce The Scoop NYC. We'll take a look at some of the upcoming artists from across the states and inform you on their latest power moves. This episode we focus on Wave Chapelle who's music is reaching attention from across the states.